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    If the U.S. Presidential Candidates Were Customer Service Agents

    We decided to take a look at the top five presidential candidates’ most distinctive qualities and credentials. Which one of the 2016 presidential candidates would you hire as a customer service rep in your contact center?

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    6 CX Tips For SMBs To Delight Customers in 2016

    As CX continues to take on a more prominent role in business and help drive business performance, companies and organizations must plan ahead to stay ahead of the curve and deliver an omnichannel customer experience. Here, we’ve outlined six steps every small and medium-sized organization can take today to begin planning for a better customer experience.

    5 Technologies That Failed: Bad Tech or Bad Customer Experience?

    Many tech products offer a ton of promise, like a smartphone from an ecommerce powerhouse like Amazon, but they often fail to deliver, whether due to subpar technology, a lackluster user experience or both. Here we take a look at five technologies that didn’t quite make the cut.

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